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By Brad Bamford, President, Automatic Coating Limited

I grew up in a family business, founded by my dad in the 1950s. When I was a kid, our shop in Scarborough only had a handful of people and we mainly rewired motors for appliances.

Fast forward 50 years and we’ve perfected many powder and liquid coating techniques we used to apply on household appliances to become a leader in industrial corrosion coating in North America.

Feeling the auto pinch

Automatic Coating now employs 75 people and we supply blasting and coating services to the U.S. and Canadian Navy, nuclear power plants, wind turbine operators, pipeline companies, the mining sector and other industries.

Our business has grown and flourished. But this was not always the case.

Around 2008, several large car manufacturers we worked for began moving their operations to China, Mexico and the southern United States. This was a real blow for our business. We needed to find new clients. That’s when we started working with TransCanada, doing coating work for some of their pipelines.

– See more at: http://www.energyeastpipeline.com/from-bust-to-boom-pipelines-mean-more-jobs/


International Corrosion Coating Company to Locate U.S. Operation in Virginia 

September 27/2023 By

Commonwealth of Virginia  Office of Governor Glenn Youngkin  FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE · September 14, 2023  Office of the Governor  Macaulay Porter  Email: Macaulay.Porter@governor.virginia.gov  Virginia Economic Development Partnership  Suzanne Clark  Email: sclark@vedp.org  Automatic Coating Ltd.  Contact: Christina Speers  Email: Christina@automaticcoating.com  International Corrosion Coating Company to Locate U.S. Operation in Virginia  Automatic Coating to establish operation in the City of Suffolk to  support U.S. Navy, creating 50 new jobs  RICHMOND—Governor Glenn Youngkin today announced that Automatic Coating Ltd., a  technologically advanced custom powder, liquid, and corrosion coating industry leader  headquartered in Toronto, Canada, will invest $22.8 million to locate its U.S. operation in the  City of Suffolk to support an existing contract with the U.S. Navy and expand with new  industrial and commercial customers in the U.S. The company contracts with the U.S. Navy to  use its patented process for corrosion coating on a wide variety of components including water  tight doors,…

Automatic Coating Limited Supports TransCanada 12-Billion Energy East Pipeline

February 25/2015 By

SCARBOROUGH, ON, Oct. 31, 2014 /CNW/ – Automatic Coating Limited, a world leader in applying liquid and powder coating in North America announced today that it fully supports TransCanada 12-Billion Energy East Pipeline Project and is thrilled they have taken the important step forward with NEB Application Filing. “We support TransCanada’s announcement today and believe that it will help rejuvenate a manufacturing sector that has endured a continuous downturn with permanent plant closures and witnessed many manufacturers move their production offshore.  We believe this announcement by TransCanada will mean more jobs and greater prosperity inOntario manufacturing,” said Brad Bamford, President of Automatic Coating Limited. Automatic Coating Limited has heavily invested in technological innovation of coating applications for the pipeline industry and has established a Centre for Pipe Line Coating Innovation in their Scarborough Ontario plant.  Through ACL Pipe Line Services, Automatic Coating offers a complete range of managed services, including shop applied pipe coating, pipe viper automated system for pipe rehabilitation…

Automatic Coating Limited is recongized by NRC-CNRC as one of Canada’s Champions of Success for 2013 – 2014.

Pipe Viper 1

October 30/2012 By

PipeViper is the only cost effecitve and portable coating removal system that efficiently addresses all enironmental and health and safety concerns in removing virtually any exisiting coating on live or depressurized oil & gas pipelines. This patent pending process removes all coating, cleans the porosity of the pipe, contains and properly bags waste to meet local environmental standards. View PDF

Pipe Viper 2

October 30/2012 By

The PipeViper abrasive blasting system is the only effective and portable abrasive blast system that uniformly blasts 360 degrees of the pipe with consistant surface preparation View PDF

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