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Powder, Liquid & Pipeline Coating Experts

Why Choose Automatic Coating?

The Most Technically Diverse in North America & Toronto

Powder Coating

Liquid coating

  • Plural component coatings
  • Tank Lining in Toronto
  • Automated Pipe coating for unparalleled quality


Superior Quality Management System

  • All surface preparation and protective coating applications are performed according to strict internal quality standards which have been adopted from ISO,NACE and SSPC
  • Superior performance in the areas of health, safety and the environment
  • Excellence in customer service

Most highly certified in North America & Toronto

  • ISO 9001-2008
  • AS9100: REV B Aerospace certified
  • Approved for oil and gas pipe coating, TransCanada, Enbridge, Spectra Energy approved
  • Architectural aluminum approved, AMMA 2603,04,05
  • U.S. Military Approved
  • Naval and defense coating

Quality Infrastructure

  • Automated state-of-the-art electro-static lines and robotic powder applicators ensuring repeatable quality
  • Fully automated in both powder and liquid for higher quality and repeatability
  • Robotics for consistency
  • Patents for fusion bond technologies
  • Most technically advanced pretreatment
  • Separate pretreatment for Aluminum (6 stage AMMA 2605 standard) and Steel (7 stage zinc phos) for better adhesion
  • Automated Fluid bed’s in Toronto

Solid Reputation and Quality Service Toronto

  • Unparalleled turn around due to automation
  • 70,000 square foot coating plant
  • 2 acre laydown area / storage yard

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