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Automatic Coating Corrosion Protection FAQ

Do all powder coating companies utilize the same pretreatment process?

No. ACL differentiates itself from the competition due to its superior pretreatment process. ACL pretreatment for aluminum is world class. ACL utilizes a state of the art six stage pretreatment process, which exceeds AMMA 2604-02 standards. ACL is unique in that its production lines are specialized into separate steel and aluminum lines utilizing specialized chemicals. Most of our competition utilizes a three stage wash on a combined steel and aluminum line which does not provide the quality separate lines afford. In addition ACL utilizes a six stage iron phosphate wash with reverse osmosis rinse which provides superior cleaning, better conversion coating weights deposited to the substrate and a clean rinse with ultra clean. This provides our customers the best possible adhesion and corrosion resistance.

Is there a safer more environmentally friendly pretreatment for aluminum than chromate conversion coating?

Yes ACL has chosen to utilize a non-chrome conversion coating which exceeds the requirements of AMMA 2605-98. Technically there is no requirement to utilize chrome and chrome pollutes our environment.

Will chemical washing remove rust and mill scale?

No. The best way to remove rust and mill scale is grit blasting

Are all field coating applicators the same?

No. ACL provides the most training for our field coating technicians, including NACE level 1 inspector certification.  This training insures that the quality meets all your standards dictated by the oil and gas industry.

Are all shop applied pipe coating applicators the same?

No. ACL utilized a fully automated precision pipe coating system which provides un-paralleled quality and consistency on the pipes that we coat. If you combine that with our central Ontario location the choice is clear that automatic coating limited is the benchmark for shop applied pipe coating in Canada.

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