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Automatic Coating Limited featured in Women in Manufacturing Article

Plant Manager of Automatic Coating Limited, Donna White, began her career in 1978 as a packer on an assembly line and has watched the industry change. Her experience reveals that old misperceptions persist. “I’ve noticed that women of this generation seem to shy away from what they think will be hard work. If I put the word ‘industrial’ in a job posting, even if the ad is for a lab position, I might not get a single female applicant.” See the entire article which is attached.women in manu_0001

Automatic Coating Limited is recongized by NRC-CNRC as one of Canada’s Champions of Success for 2013 – 2014.

Pipe Viper 1

October 30/2012 By

PipeViper is the only cost effecitve and portable coating removal system that efficiently addresses all enironmental and health and safety concerns in removing virtually any exisiting coating on live or depressurized oil & gas pipelines. This patent pending process removes all coating, cleans the porosity of the pipe, contains and properly bags waste to meet local environmental standards. View PDF

Pipe Viper 2

October 30/2012 By

The PipeViper abrasive blasting system is the only effective and portable abrasive blast system that uniformly blasts 360 degrees of the pipe with consistant surface preparation View PDF